Twenty Facilities That You Have To check on Prior Booking Hotels In ECR

I’ve developed the listing of twenty important comforts which must be for sale within each and every ECR hotels.

No-cost Parking

The people coming from the community aspect frequently go to ECR in Chennai being an end of the week getaway. They’ll mainly get to the hotels within ECR via bikes as well as automobile. The guests favor a great secure and then secure parking garden exactly where they are able to park the cars of theirs.

The majority of the hotels provide parking room that is completely free while several cost with the parking center. Guests typically prefer reserving hotels which provide completely free parking room.

No-cost Wi-Fi

In case you’re remaining in a resort approach ECR, they need to provide an online link with other the guests of theirs. The majority of the hotels within ECR, Chennai are delivering Wi fi that is free to other the visitors of theirs. This’s due to the fact that the visitors prefer a home like atmosphere with effective online connectivity.

If it’s a company hotel, it’s necessary to offer best connection to the internet. In the current situation, Wi-Fi is now crucial as the environment we inhale. It’s gotten one of several important factors for reserving some hotels within ECR.


The majority of the people wish to pack gently while they’re on a traveling. So very few things are expected by them to become easily available in the rooms of theirs as towels. It must be replaced each day for hygienic good reasons. People despise towels that aren’t neat and ancient. There probably will be two towels within every single hotel room which are really gentle.

The shower towels stored in the areas must be produced of cotton fibers as many people could have a hypersensitivity to polyester. Today, bath towels are regarded as being a premier goal amenity in each and every resort no matter if it might be an inexpensive resort or even magnificent body. A hotel isn’t considered as a resort with no towels.

House Keeping

The housekeeping program within the ECR hotels have to be achieved at least one time within one day. The housekeeping contains cleaning up rooms, stopping the use of linens as well as towels. The guests choose rooms which are neat and clean. Messy space leads to comments that is bad coming from the visitor and that isn’t perfect for them.

Free Breakfast

We realize that dining during the in house restaurant often could be expensive. The majority of the guests want one thing that’s free just like a breakfast or maybe a nice drink. Within the latest occasions, nearly all almost all of all of the hotels within ECR Road, Chennai provides Complimentary Breakfast with suites.

This’s due to the fact that the visitors do not wish to head out quick for breakfast. They mainly prefer an easy breakfast they can have in the room of theirs itself. No-cost breakfast idea isn’t just for high end resorts but additionally for finances remains also.

Great Showers

There is nothing soothing than an excellent scorching shower. All of the guests like 24*7 great as well as water supplies that are cool in the rooms of theirs. A very good bath rejuvenates the entire body of ours after having much tiring day time. It’s necessary that each resort near ECR should provide constant drinking water source to other the visitors of theirs.

Free Toiletries

Carrying the fundamental hygiene kit all of the time isn’t doable. We have the tendency to forget about it inside several instances. And so, all of the visitors count on the hotels or maybe resorts to give a small toiletries package which keeps a very simple hygiene system.

Supplying a free package will certainly do the visitors. Rather than providing numerous little samples of as shampoo, moisturizing hair product or detergent, the resorts are able to provide frequent measurement versions which have much more useful use.


In the current scenario, there’s no this kind of individual which does not really like seeing TV. A comfortable evening time isn’t finished without watching the favored shows of yours. Television is viewed as a crucial center in each and every resort within OMR Road.

Whenever you take a trip remaining with the buddies of yours for an end of the week not to mention there’s a crucial fit which these days might you overlook it? Undoubtedly No!


The majority of the 3 star hotels near OMR Road, Chennai are facilitated by using a small refrigerator in which the visitors are able to save perishables, beverages, and water. Although the refrigerator is viewed as a high end characteristic, it’s a lot important within the present scenario.

We cannot fail each time to dine outdoors or we might not like the meals offered within the in house eatery. In such instances, we are able to keep eatables as bread, trail blend or maybe fluids that we are able to end up with a gentle supper.

Soon Check-In

The hotels within ECR largely possess a particular repaired check in & checkout timings. Inside an useful situation, we can’t show up with the resort during the precise check-in period. At times, we might reach soon. In such instances, we would rather check-in a bit earlier.

Maintaining this particular for brain, several of the hotels near ECR Road have began to permit soon check ins. They do not impose something additional for preceding check-ins.

Free Bottled Water

Aside from Wi-Fi, Restaurant, and Parking, Water plastic bottles will be the subsequent important point with this summary. It’s viewed as a crucial amenity within all of hotels within ECR vicinity.
Totally free Bottled drinking water have to be saved in each and every area within the ECR hotels. Maintaining plastic water bottles is part of visitor hospitality that is chosen by everybody remaining within any kind of 3 star hotels in ECR.

Swimming Pool

If you’re staying with the family of yours, the children of yours will certainly enjoy playing within the pool. The hotel which has a pool will certainly attract a big crowd. Several of the 5 star hotels within ECR Road have pools about the leading flooring and that is very scenic.

No matter whether it might be a high end hotel or maybe a low-cost hotel, people choose hotels or maybe resorts which have the pool. It’s a great criterion being viewed when you remain within virtually any ECR hotels.

On-site Restaurant

Preparing an end of the week retreat? Examine if the hotels or maybe resorts which you’re opting come with an onsite eating places. Most of the hotels provides free breakfast with suites. It’s advisable to choose a resort in ECR which has an in house restaurant.

The restaurant must certanly serve various cuisines which range from neighborhood to overseas cuisines. Are you currently staying with the family of yours, book a resort which serves the greatest food at greatest price.


To be an end of the week trip desired destination, nearly all almost all of the resorts as well as hotels in ECR possess a Bar. Individuals reserving accommodations approach OMR, Chennai for people gather choose hotels which have a bar to invest a high quality period with the close friends of theirs. The bar must hold liquors of various varieties which satisfies all the requisites of yours.


Practically nothing calms an exhausted body when compared to a rejuvenating spa remedy. Enterprise people as well as couples that remain in hotels in ECR favor Spa as part of the deal of theirs. The Spa Service is recharged individually according towards the program you make use of.

The majority of the 3 star hotels within OMR Road have Spa in the itinerary of theirs as among the specific comforts apart from kitchenette as well as bar.


Fresh clothing are demanded by everyone to put on every day. Providing a wash container within the resort space will certainly create the guest’s keep comfier as well as calm. At times, the hotels within ECR have washing program exactly where they are going to wash the guest’s garments.

Clothes services are additional charged service that the guest is able to opt when required. The majority of the high end hotels in ECR have the center.


Not any resort is done without having a lift. Might you choose lift or even ascending stairways to achieve the bedroom of yours about the 5th flooring? Clearly, you’ll like making use of lift. They’re viewed being a contemporary day level of comfort as the majority of the individuals prefer it instead of taking a leisurely walk.

Staying with the family of yours inside a resort? Ensure that the resort you’re remaining includes a lift since you might remain with the parents of yours that have difficulty strolling up the stairways. Take this into account prior to making the bedroom reservation of yours.


Modern-day hotels largely enjoy a kitchenette in which the visitors are able to create the own espresso of theirs or maybe grill a sandwich. When you really feel bored for use away to supper, you are able to generate an easy salad in the bedroom of yours as well as consume it.


There’s no this kind of person which doesn’t including AC in the rooms of theirs. Asleep with the blanket of yours on inside a comfortable space is a heavenly experience. Make certain the bedroom of yours comes with an air conditioning you are able to utilize on a warm summer time day or perhaps a wet day in case you love the chill local weather. AC contains the listing of best amenities that each visitor prefers.

Locks Dryer

Can you prefer hair that is damp or a smooth soft dried out hair after the bath of yours? Certainly the next one. Whether it might be a low cost hotel or maybe a high end resort, you’ll clearly love it when you’ve a locks dryer to make use of. It’s not helpful to have a blower while you’re on a getaway. In such instances, the hotels within ECR that provides locks hair dryer is going to be certainly appreciated by almost all.